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Category: Weight Loss Programs (AKA Diet & Fat Loss Programs)
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Denise Austin Review

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Denise Austin is one of America’s biggest names in promoting health and fitness. Her website offers comprehensive diet and exercise advice, with practical videos to keep you working out and eating properly. Her health plan allows you to access over 100 recipes and more than 100 workouts, using a range of devices.

The recipes mainly look tasty, although there are a few obscurities on there, such as fish with kiwi. We’re not convinced by that one! Still, the majority of the dishes look tasty and take inspiration from around the world, so you shouldn’t get bored. Ingredients are also not too obscure, so you should be able to cook things using ingredients from your local supermarkets.

The exercises are probably what Denise is known for. These videos are engaging and fun, professionally produced and set at a level which is suitable for most people. Combined with her healthy eating plans, the workout regimes should do the business when it comes to helping you to lose weight and tone up.

The plan takes 10 weeks to complete and is made up of four parts:  

  1. Let’s Move focuses on exercise, offering a range of videos for you to choose from. You can also purchase DVDs if you would like to keep them for the future.

  2. Let’s Eat aims to help you to control your diet, providing recipes and tips for nutrition-filled eating.

  3. Let’s Motivate is something a bit more obscure – you receive motivational videos and messages from Denise, spurring you on.

  4. Let’s Team Up is quite innovative, as it allows you to link up with another member and monitor each other’s progress. If you’re starting to lag, your partner can give you a nudge.

We particularly liked the Let’s Team Up idea, as the pressure of a friend outdoing you could be a great motivational tool. The messages from Denise, using Let’s Motivate, are a bit less interesting (unless you really care about what Denise thinks?!) but could still offer useful advice at times.

Denise Austin is very much the face of the website, and much of the content is based around her. That’s not to say it won’t work, of course, but that it feels a bit less about you and a bit more about her. Still, it has the basics in the right place: exercise, eat healthily, lose weight. 

If you pay all at once the 10 week package is under $12 per week, which is pretty good. You can also try the package for a week for free to see if it suits you.

DeniseAustin.com is lacking in some key features, but its exercise videos are very good and the recipes are generally healthy and tasty-sounding. If these elements suit you, we recommend giving the free trial a go.

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