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Category: Weight Loss Programs (AKA Diet & Fat Loss Programs)
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If you’re interested in tracking and monitoring your food and exercise, Live Strong’s MyPlate has some decent tools on offer. They also provide a range of useful advice on diet and weight loss, as well as community features such as live chat for gold members. Basic membership is free, and gold upgrades are affordable, making it a viable option for most people who wish to lose weight.

A key part of the site is its Hot Topics section, which holds a database of articles, tips and advice for any would-be weight loser. You can explore recent blog posts or locate articles based on their theme. These themes include food, fitness, health, diseases, parenting, relationships, style, lifestyle and recipes. So, they cover a lot of bases! 

There are some tasty sounding recipes to explore, and you can even search for recipes based on specific diets such as veganism, vegetarianism or Kosher food.

You can also browse recipes based on their cuisine or main ingredients, although unfortunately there is no in depth search option. You can quickly view the calories, fat and protein in each recipe, as well as its popularity.

Community features are open to gold members, including a live chat option. This is very handy as it means you can get to know people on a personal basis, sharing the highs and lows as you experience them. You can also find and take part in contests or find information on health issues. 

My Plate allows you to set goals and track your progress, encouraging you with realistic diet and exercise schedules which are suited to your particular needs. You can view short videos of workouts to make sure you’re performing them properly, as well as reading exercise articles.

This area of the site could be a bit more developed, however, as it does not allow you to search for exercises for particular needs, such as burning fat or building muscle. We would also like to be able to build exercise schedules with particular workouts and diets in mind, and find out how many calories have been burned through each set, but this is not an option.

So, whilst MyPlate does several things well, it can feel as though it’s only touching the surface in some areas. Additional tools and content would make for a more fulfilling and useful online experience.

In short: the site offers a decent service for a fair price, but it fails to really impress us in some areas. There’s a free membership option available, though, so why not give it a try to see if you lose weight using its services?

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