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FitnessMagazine.com is a free membership website which provides a great range of exercise information, videos, recipes, and general advice for staying healthy and losing weight.

There’s plenty to explore, with much of the content focused on specific areas of mental and physical fitness. You can also find information for particular dietary requirements, plus explore recipes which apply to specific diet plans.

We were really impressed by the amount of information provided for free on this site. Whilst it’s true that Fitness Magazine doesn’t offer a lot of online tracking and monitoring tools, it makes up for this somewhat by providing specific advice.

For example, if you’re diabetic or glucose intolerant, you’ll be able to read plenty of articles and find recipes which will suit your needs. 

We also like the fact that this site doesn’t just focus on losing weight. It takes your whole well-being into account, with articles on meditation, social elements and more.

In particular, its exercise information is superior to many of its peers, and you can watch a wide variety of exercise videos to help understand how each one should be performed. 

The videos section is divided into body parts, so you can work on a particular muscle or less toned area, altering the shape in that particular area.

Alternatively you can choose to work on cardio vascular exercises, which will improve your general fitness. Videos are well shot and professional, with gym specialists explaining each stage, showing you how to perform each activity safely.

There are plenty of recipes to explore, and you can find them based on the particular meal you’re looking for (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks). There are also a couple of extra features such as drinks recipes, salad calorie counters and articles on snacking or food and nutrition.

There’s really a lot here, although at times it can be a bit daunting because you can’t search for a particular ingredient or dish. Whilst some recipes provide nutritional information, not all of them offer everything we’d hope for.

Also, there are no tracking tools here, so you won’t be able to keep an online note of what you’ve been eating. If you wish to do this, you may need to hunt down that particular feature on another website.

Recipes do, however, include clear guidelines, plus some great photos to get you hungry and ready for some tasty, healthy treats.

You can subscribe to newsletters to receive the latest information, or even subscribe to the magazine for around $8 per year. This is good value and also helps to support the site. The magazine includes 2 free gifts, too.

There aren’t really any community features on the site, which is disappointing because it has so much to offer. Chatting with people would help as you could discuss recipes, techniques and more.

Still, there’s plenty to enjoy on the site, even though they don’t offer all the tracking and monitoring tools you’d hope for.

Fitness Magazine is a great free resource for anyone who wants to lose weight or just get a bit healthier. Tools are a bit lacking, but it will still definitely be useful, particularly if you’re interested in watching exercises or finding new and exciting recipes for your weight loss diet.

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