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BistroMd is good, But Diet-To-Go is Much Better!
27 March 2013
Reviewer: Michelle from USA

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Hello! I have tried Diet-To-Go, BistroMd and eDiets Home Meal Delivery Plans, and am currently on the Diet-To-Go 1,600 Calories/day Traditional Plan...

I can honestly say that My Hubby and I tried the food from each of these services and that the BEST is definitely the Diet-To-Go! It isn't at all bland, TASTES FRESH and VERY GOOD, offers many great substitutions, offers everyday food that one would actually crave, and is the cheapest of these 3. The people there are helpful and friendly too if you have any questions of concerns. And they do offer credits if your order is wrong and I believe they also do if you didn't like a meal, although I have never asked for that because I don't feel it's their fault if something just didn't taste good to me. They also make it extremely easy to do most anything from their website including stopping and restarting your plan whenever you choose, which is very convenient! Their website is the best of all 3 and again the food is fabulous! Plus you get the option of either 5 or 7 day plans with 1,200 or 1,600 calories per day with the Traditional Low Fat Plan and they also offer a Low Carb Plan and a Vegetarian Plan. Also you can choose to have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or just Lunch and Dinner. My hubby and I are thoroughly impressed with Diet-To-Go and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to eat a more balanced healthy diet or for weight loss. This food is seriously excellent and worth the money!

BistroMD wasn't at all bad, but was too bland for us. They did allow you to add or remove certain meals or ingredients, but it was more fancy foods that frankly we are not into. Plus it was more expensive and you didn't get your choice of omitting breakfast or different calorie plans although did also offer 5 and 7 days plans. I don't think they offer Low Carb or Vegetarian Plans either. And I felt the meals seemed more repetitious than Diet-To-Go. There seemed to be a lot of very similar meals with only a small change to it, like a different sauce or something. One thing about BistroMD though is they have the NICEST people working there! Also they are very good about cancellation and setting any billing errors straight. I can say I would recommend BistroMD, it just wasn't as good as Diet-To-Go, in our opinions.

And then there's eDiets... That was just terrible all the way around! Bad customer service, deceptive fees for cancelling, the food was not at all good and the portions were tiny. Didn't taste fresh AT ALL! I would never use this service again and would never recommend it. Even using the online only plan is a pain! They don't take cancellations lightly and if you use ANY offer code and cancel before 28 days, you WILL get charged the ENTIRE amount of whatever the offer was upon cancellation. I found a code for 50% off the first week and within a day of receiving my first order, I cancelled because it was extremely disappointing. When I called to cancel the girl told me because I used an offer code and was cancelling before 28 days, that my credit card would be charged the entire amount of the food. I was angry and told her that I read the agreement before signing up and never saw that anywhere (which is the truth!) but she stated it is there and that I would have to pay the remaining amount. At that point I didn't care and just wanted to be done with this dishonest company and their barely edible food. I will NEVER use ANY of their services again!

In summary, I would recommend Bistro MD to a friend.

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