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Website: http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/weight-loss-guide/pages/losing-weight-getting-started.aspx

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29 August 2017
Reviewer: A Weight Loss Customer. from UK

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I've lost more in one week than I lost in 6x2 weeks on this program. Has ZERO exercise elements, sees you once every two weeks and no strict diet plan. Its a diet free for all with basic information and statements of the bleeding obvious.

Plus the teacher was rude. Was pretending she was being polite..then did a Tongue under her lip durr impression that only I could see. Decided I had enough of that crap.

The whole program is getting restructured apparently and I know why...it doesnt work at all. Its just regurgitating rubbish from the NHS pamplets and repeating what you already know from them.

Without proper diets and exercise this is just another government Placebo where they PRETEND they are helping for public political consumption and something to point at and say " We are trying " when they are not.

Its make work for government workers. Its just there to create jobs.

In summary, I would not recommend NHS Weight Loss Plan to a friend.

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