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Ediets still rocks!! : )
15 March 2017
Reviewer: Maggie from Montreal, Canada

73 of 152 people found this review helpful

I was very surprised to see all the bad reviews for eDiets on here today as it is one of the best online Diet sites I have found! I realize that the complaints were mostly for their ready made meals that were shipped to the door. It seems that eDiets had shipping problems as well as less than tasty meals. I cannot address that as I did not use that service plan, and honestly, I have tried Lean Cuisine and other frozen diet meals and don't think eDiets could be any worse!

What do I like about eDiets? Well, it works! I used the plan in 2000 and lost 30 pounds quickly, and with ease. I never felt tired or hungry as I had on other diets. The diet choices were good and interchangeable if you tired of the plan you were on, you could simply choose another. Each diet provided a menu for the week along with a corresponding grocery list. The menu itself was customizable, item by item. That was really important to me as I cannot eat pork and don't like spicy foods.

Planning my weekly menu was fun and easy. Likewise my trip to the grocery store was... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend eDiets to a friend.

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24 April 2013
Reviewer: Trust me on this from orange county

199 of 401 people found this review helpful

WORST FOOD, WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! one would be better off buying frozen meals at the supermarket. it's a rip off. Furthermore, i told them i only wanted one week to try the food and to not be on a recurring service. they disregarded this and did it anyways. when i called to cancel, they told me i had missed the deadline and too bad for you. now i am in a full dispute with them to get my $ back. i am shocked by such bad business practices and will be filing a formal complaint with the BBB.

In summary, I would not recommend eDiets to a friend.

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What a scam!!!!
23 April 2013
Reviewer: Ypsi Tiff from Ypsilanti, MI

150 of 299 people found this review helpful

I ordered the eDiets "Fresh" Food delivery program at a cost of $4-5 per meal. The food was definitely not fresh. It arrived frozen solid and every meal was dry and disgusting. The vegetables were something right out of a can and the meat was unrecognizable. Without reading the label I would have had no idea if I were eating chicken or beef! When I called to complain and ask for a refund along with my cancellation I was told they NEVER do that. What? You never give back someone's money when you've just sold them on a $250+ meal plan that is inedible? I asked to speak with a manager and was told all the managers were in a meeting and I would get a call back which never happened. Buyer beware, this is a total scam! You're better off buying frozen meals from your grocery store which are much tastier and supplementing with your own fresh foods.

P.S. If all of your consumer reviews are so bad why does this site's editor give eDiets so many stars????

In summary, I would not recommend eDiets to a friend.

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Horrible Food that is already 5 days old when you get it!
15 April 2013
Reviewer: Gagging on eDiets Spoiled Food from CA

210 of 406 people found this review helpful

This is THE WORST food I have ever tasted and the customer service is nothing but Scam Artists. I was really excited to try eDiets and I am FAR from a finicky eater. I love Jenny Craig's food, Lean Cuisine. I was not allowed to specify what day my meal delivery would arrive. My area delivers on Thursday, so my 1st delivery was at my door when i GOT HOME FROM WORK LATE Thursday night. I ate their food Friday and was horrified. It was disgusting. Floating in water, tasteless, or worse yet FOUL tasting. Thinking maybe it was just "that meal" I ate Breakfast Lunch & Dinner on Friday to giving them a good try - disgusting. I called Saturday to get a recording saying not open until Monday. I went to their web site to learn you can not cancel online. I called the moment they opened Monday and they HAD ALREADY SHIPPED my order for a Thursday Delivery and I would be charged for another horrible week's worth of food. It is already 5 days old when it arrives, so by the time you are eating your day 7 meal - it is 12 days old!!!!!

They refused... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend eDiets to a friend.

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Terrible Food and Customer Service! NOT AT ALL RECOMMENDED!
27 March 2013
Reviewer: Michelle from USA

194 of 391 people found this review helpful

Hello! I have tried Diet-To-Go, BistroMd and eDiets Home Meal Delivery Plans, and am currently on the Diet-To-Go 1,600 Calories/day Traditional Plan...

I can honestly say that My Hubby and I tried the food from each of these services and that the BEST is definitely the Diet-To-Go! It isn't at all bland, TASTES FRESH and VERY GOOD, offers many great substitutions, offers everyday food that one would actually crave, and is the cheapest of these 3. The people there are helpful and friendly too if you have any questions of concerns. And they do offer credits if your order is wrong and I believe they also do if you didn't like a meal, although I have never asked for that because I don't feel it's their fault if something just didn't taste good to me. They also make it extremely easy to do most anything from their website including stopping and restarting your plan whenever you choose, which is very convenient! Their website is the best of all 3 and again the food is fabulous! Plus you get the option of either 5 or 7 day plans with 1,200 or 1,600 calories per day with the Traditional Low Fat Plan... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend eDiets to a friend.

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Poor poor customer service
11 February 2013
Reviewer: Ron from Houston, TX

166 of 375 people found this review helpful

Horrible delivery. Horrible customer service. We were to get free meals on week 4, 8, and 12. I had to inquire on each of those weeks because my bank account was charged those weeks and the excuses for not getting the free meals was all over the board. If you don't remember they will keep billing and you will never get your free weeks.

Run run run away from e-diets.

The food was good. But, not worth the hastle with customer service.

In summary, I would not recommend eDiets to a friend.

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terrible service and non-delivery
05 February 2011
Reviewer: Joe from New Orleans

270 of 513 people found this review helpful

I signed up for the ediets.com program food delivery. First week arrived. Food is OK (nothing spectacular, and not very filling) but my expectations were not that high so no complaints yet. Second week delivery never arrived, but credit card charged. Customer service said their UPS tracking label said it was delivered so not their problem and I should call UPS. Title and ownership of the package never transferred to me as there was no signature for delivery, and package was never received (in spite of UPS tracking service claiming delivered). UPS needs to get loss claim from shipper (as there was not signature on alleged delivery, so shipper retains title). But customer service washes their hands and tells me to work it out with UPS. I cancelled my service with them. BBB check shows they get an F. Google search of complaints show a huge problem, a terrible decline in both food quality, delivery, and customer service over the last few years. Would NOT recommend trying this.

In summary, I would not recommend eDiets to a friend.

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Horrible...Unauthorized substitutions
08 December 2010

284 of 539 people found this review helpful

What a load of Crap...Have to sign for your order...NOT!! they deliver it when they want to!!! Will come on a specific day...NOT !!! They deliver it whenever they want to!!! Have a pick your own menu....NOT !!! They substitute whatever they want for any meal they want !!! AND THE KICKER....many of the unauthorized substitutions, I am allergic to and cannot eat due to my severely restricted cardiac diet. ( I have a pacemaker/ICD and a congenital heart defect. So I open the box and find that most of the stuff is not edible, some is not even frozen...and they want ME to pay for this ??? No way!! I called American Express and froze all charges and will get my money back. Even after cancelling the service ...you got it another box on the front porch. They also have an F from the BBB. Some of you may have had good luck with these folks, but I do not share this view at all!!


In summary, I would not recommend eDiets to a friend.

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